Steven Universe: a single pale pearl


Steven Universe is a series whose content is more adult than it might seem by watching some of its chapters. Especially, the use of music to express emotions and the open-mindedness it shows in all its characters. Created by Rebecca Sugar, it is a very special kind of show.

I wanted to make a fanfic, or a video editing, focusing on a particular arc within the world of Steven Universe, as a self-conclusive episode that could be enjoyed both by people who know the show and by those who have never seen it. It may be a bit long, due to certain scenes added to give context to those new to the show, but I think it was necessary to better understand the point of the story and its conclusion.

A gem story

As Steven Universe fans will guess, the story revolves around Pearl and the revelations that lead up to the episode «Mr. Greg», in my opinion the best of the series and which is structured as a musical. I have added flashbacks and ordered the events selectively, cutting long scenes but allowing me to add others that might not seem relevant, such as Connie’s scenes in the episode «Sworn to the Sword»; apart from the fact that I love the song, I think it adds a lot about what is in Pearl’s mind.

I’ve managed to reorder or remove all references to Diamonds, enemies, secondary characters and anything else that could make the story longer or confusing. All materials in this video were aired in the first five seasons.

This is my tribute to a wonderful, creative and original series. I will never be able to post it on Youtube – too many copyrights – but here is this whim as a testimony of a grateful fan.

The video also contains Spanish subtitles.

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